Selling Your Home with Briscombe, Nutter & Staff

If you are selling your property you should do so after very careful consideration. How do you choose which estate agent to use? There is a tremendous choice of agencies and, on the surface, most appear to do more or less the same thing. There is however, far more to moving than simply finding a buyer, and it is critical that when the time comes, you choose the right agent for you, your property and your situation.

You need to know that the estate agent you select really has "the knowledge" and will act in your best interests – after all it is your property that they will be selling.

We want you to be sure that your property is in highly capable, experienced and expert hands.

A good starting point is to find an agent who clearly understands the stresses involved in moving and who accepts that you are likely to want to sell your home with minimal stress and for the most attractive figure the current market will pay within a convenient timescale.

Choosing the right estate agent to sell your home is vital. Do your research. Use property websites and look at which agent is selling what in your area.

Many agents make unrealistic claims and rash promises so here is a brief summary of the services that we offer.

Our Services

1. Valuation

Beware! It is well known that some agents deliberately over-value in order to impress you to secure your instruction – so don’t fall into the trap of simply choosing the agent with the highest valuation. An inflated price attracts the wrong buyers to your property, and the right buyers never see it resulting in the property going stale on the market. This often results in the property falling below its true market value eventually.

The issue of correct valuation is paramount. It is critical that you appoint an agent who not only has a track record of successful sales in the area(not just properties on the market) but also has a thorough working knowledge of current buyer activity, and who can interpret prevailing market trends to your advantage.

To ensure the objective is achieved it is only our experienced Partners who will value your property.

2. Viewings

It stands to reason that buyers are most active at weekends. We understand that the most convenient time for buyers to view potential properties isn’t always during normal working hours.

The longer our doors are open, the more effective we are in marketing your property.

To ensure we are available to potential buyers we are open 6 days a week, Monday through Saturday, and also offer evening accompanied viewings.

More buyer activity usually means more viewings, more offers and a better price for your home!

3. Viewing feedback

Every viewing will be texted and e-mailed to you, with the buyers name, the time of the viewing and the member of staff that has arranged it for you. We feel this gives it a more personalised approach whether we are accompanying the viewer or you are meeting the buyer yourself. This also eliminates any confusion over appointments.

After every viewing the applicant will be chased for feedback and we will give this feedback to you. We use this feedback to make your home more saleable. We have the experience to "read between the lines" and if there is a reason that your property is not selling we’ll soon find out.

A good estate agent will always give you honest feedback so be open to suggestions they have as to how to improve the saleability of your home.

4. Sales Progression

We have our own in-house sales progression team. Many agents feel the sale is done when a buyer is found and some sales negotiators are incentivised to arrange sales but not necessarily to see them through to completion. Our people are trained to spot potential difficulties long before they arise and spend 100% of their time working towards a successful outcome.

Our aim is to get to exchange of contracts as soon as possible in conjunction with any related purchase if need be and again to keep you informed throughout the whole process.

Marketing and Advertising

The methods used by buyers to find a property are changing. The traditional use of local newspapers and magazines are gradually being replaced by the internet.

We are always moving with the times and incorporate all of the following types of marketing for your property:

10 Point Plan

  1. Full colour brochures
  2. Floor-plans for every property
  3. Text and e-mail alerts to all buyers letting them a new property is on the market, price changes etc.
  4. 6 day opening
  5. Accompanied viewings throughout the weekend and evenings
  6. Local newspaper advertising
  7. Inclusion on all the main internet property portals (Rightmove, Findaproperty, Primelocation, Globrix, Zoopla etc)
  8. Vast board presence – every board is an enquiry
  9. Members of Home Sale Network – a national network of selected agents giving coverage throughout the country.
  10. Large office and prominent window displays.

Questions to ask potential agents?

  1. What evidence do you have to support your suggested price for my home?
  2. What marketing plan would you have for my home?
  3. How will you present my home in its best light to the widest possible market?
  4. Which web sites will my property appear on?
  5. Will you show potential buyers around my home at all times including week-ends?
  6. How often will you update me on progress?
  7. Once a sale is agreed what will you do to ensure that the chain remains strong and prevent it from breaking?